The first investor to introduce the concept of artificial intelligence and deep learning in Indonesia

At the intersection of fintech and venture capital, Global Millennial Capital’s unique strategy aims to generate statistically correct returns in early-stage deals.
+ Strategy

We bet on big data and deep analysis to generate superior and long-term investment decisions

Most of venture capital funds do not return more than 1x of investor capital due to lack of deal pipeline, we bring access to millions of deals globally across various sectors and stages.

We provide access to Silicon Valley’s latest opportunities through the analysis of big data and our dedicated offices on the ground in Palo Alto.


We bet on the next generation of unicorns, companies that operate in the online space who empower consumers to live on their own terms!


We believe in the endless applications of our machine learning and our first mover unfair advantage, as artificial intelligence continues to turbo-charge the venture capital industry.


We developed the most collectively intelligent investment analyst with a knowledge of more than 100,000 early-stage ventures, being able to provide unique company score within 4 minutes.

Millennial Ai is the first deep learning concept applied in seed and early growth stages

We utilize publicly available information about companies to perform multilayered statistical analysis, labels, clusters, text, numbers and images by determining company success score, out of very large data sets.
Analyzed deals since the launch of our proprietary machine learning model.
Extraordinary entrepreneurs looking to built the most daring companies in Silicon Valley.
Uniquely sourced and evaluated out of thousands.
Continuously analyzing venture capital investment data across fintech, AI, ed-tech and health-tech.
+ Companies

“The smartest digital wallet in the world which uses patented artificial intelligence to optimize your personal finances. Founded by Steve Le Roux while studying at Harvard, backed by MIT, is a transformational fintech player.”

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“Blue Studios aims to become the largest online library and classroom in the world with more than 10,000 hours of STEM. The company is the first e-tutoring which provides on demand, subscription based STEM courses which are interactive and engaging for students and kids at home.”

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Kelley O.Cambry Founder & CEO Blue

“Pathbooks is the first interactive e-reading platform which provides users with multiple endings to a single story. The company provides its 1 million users with an immersive experience and engaging alternative to traditional reading.”

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JORGE CABALLERO Founder & CEO Pathbooks

“Unifimoney is an investment and money management platform for millennials and offers an integrated suite of financial products and automation making the process of money management effortlessly. It is a single mobile account that seamlessly integrates a high yield checking and investing account with crypto, bitcoin and metals”

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BEN SOPPITT Founder & CEO Unifimoney

“The world’s first empathetic audio companion for the patients suffering of chronic diseases. Elly Health, founded by Simon Holland and Nikhil Pooviah, MD , is a unique solution within the oncology space which improves patients quality of life and reduces healthcare cost.”

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NIKHIL POOVIAH Co-Founder Elly Health
+ Our Approach

We deliver customized strategies targeting accelerated valuation delta for our portfolio.

Our tools in delivering performance investment management include The Millennial Accelerator Program.
GROWTH Formula

We enable a comprehensive business diagnostic looking at selection and mentorship of start-ups, development of growth formulations, along with relationships and connectivity our portfolio.

Millennial AI

Undertakes deep learning analysis of large investment data sets utilizing investment algorithms to include multiple parameters and sub-parameters to the traditional and linear investment process.

GLOBAL Mindset

We support emerging global consumer ventures whose knowledge we import to Dubai, the future global innovation hub and connect start-ups with Silicon Valley money and expertise.

+ People

Our People

Build by a female entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Global Millennial Capital is where people with most daring ideas meet capital and expertise. Meet the whole team!

ANDREEA DANILA Founder & General Partner
ANDREEA DANILA Founder & General Partner Meet the whole team
Meet the whole team